Receive a Stunning Dental Crown Made with Precision and Advanced Materials

A dental crown, or cap, from our Rockville Centre, NY, office can be an effective way to repair your cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth. Dr. Joseph Fusco can coordinate with a top-quality ceramist to provide a crown that is customized to your particular needs. Crafted from state-of-the-art materials, these restorations blend seamlessly with your smile. A strong and durable dental crown can fully restore your oral function. Furthermore, Dr. Fusco proudly utilizes biomimetic techniques when prepping teeth for dental crowns. With these methods, he will preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. Therefore, your treatment will be efficient and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy lasting oral health and function.

A dental crown can effectively repair damaged teeth and restore your oral function. 

Do You Require a Dental Crown?

You may have need of a dental crown if:

  • You have severe decay, and a filling will not be sufficient to restore your tooth
  • You have a cracked tooth, but the crack does not reach all the way to your roots
  • You have a dental infection, in which case a crown will be the last stage of root canal therapy
  • You have an aesthetically compromised tooth
  • You have suffered significant dental erosion

A dental crown can be an effective solution for patients who have suffered from any of these dental complications, restoring oral function and providing an aesthetically pleasing option.

What to Expect When You Receive a Dental Crown

Dr. Fusco has extensive training in biomimetic dentistry and will use these methods to prep your tooth for a dental crown. Dr. Fusco will first need to remove some dental tissue before he can place a crown, but by using biomimetic methods, a smaller amount of tissue removal is typically necessary.

After reshaping your tooth, impressions of your teeth will be taken and sent to one of our partner labs to create a crown with a natural shape and size. While you are waiting for the final crown, we can provide a temporary cap. The short-term restoration will reduce sensitivity and allow you to enjoy full dental function. Once the crown is finished, Dr. Fusco can attach it with dental composite. This adhesive material will match the shade of both your tooth and the restoration, ensuring a seamless transition.

Crafted from state-of-the-art materials, these restorations blend seamlessly with your smile.

Providing a Lifelike Appearance

Biomimetic techniques are primarily intended to enhance your oral health and can also ensure a more realistic look. All of our crowns are metal-free, so they will not stain your teeth or affect the color of your smile. We will order your restoration from a local lab or from a specialized facility in Turin, Italy. The local laboratory will provide a faster turnaround; however, we typically recommend the Italian restorations for more lifelike results. All of our prosthetics are specially customized and crafted by an artisanal ceramist, with whom we have a long-term relationship. In addition, your restorations are made from one of three state-of-the-art materials:

  • IPS e.max® porcelain: The most common choice, this substance is very durable and offers a natural sparkle.
  • Zirconia: Zirconia is an even stronger option that may be appropriate for capping your molars.
  • Feldspathic porcelain: Many dentists consider feldspathic porcelain to be the most realistic restorative material. Because it is so thin, it requires incredible skill and precision. Therefore, only top-quality labs use this type of porcelain.

Regardless of which material is used to craft your crown, it will match the natural color and shape of your tooth.  

Restore Your Oral Function

If you have a damaged tooth, and you are looking for the strongest and most beautiful restoration possible, call our office at (516) 766-6767 or contact us online today. Because we enjoy good professional relationships with our partner labs, we are able to ensure the highest quality restorations are available to our patients. 

Joseph P. Fusco, DDS, MAGD

Joseph P. Fusco, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Joseph Fusco and his team of compassionate dental professionals offer the community of Long Island, NY, world-class dental care using the latest technology. Dr. Fusco is a member of several professional organizations, including:
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry
  • The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call (516) 766-6767 today.

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