Dental Implants Permanently Replace Missing Tooth Roots and Protect Your Lifelong Oral Health

Dental implants are one of the most advanced and popular restorative dentistry treatments available today. Dr. Joseph Fusco may recommend dental implants for his Rockville Centre, NY, patients who need to replace missing teeth and restore dental function. If you currently wear dentures and are interested in implants, Dr. Fusco can often convert your prosthetic to an implant-supported denture. Dr. Fusco collaborates with a number of local oral surgeons who can safely place your implants with minimal discomfort. Following your dental implant placement surgery, you can come into our office to receive a custom-made prosthetic that will attach to your implant posts. Implant-supported restorations offer a number of benefits over traditional prosthetics, including strength, stability, and a natural appearance. Additionally, dental implants can protect your jawbone and overall oral health for decades.

Dental implants provide unrivaled stability and support for dental restorations. 

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Implants can replace one tooth or an entire dental arch. Therefore, if you currently have gaps in your smile, or if your teeth are seriously damaged, you may be a candidate for this treatment. If you are considering this restorative option, Dr. Fusco will conduct a meticulous evaluation. He will visually examine your gums and jaw, and he will review images of your whole oral structure. Looking for signs of bone recession will help him determine your eligibility for implants. If you have lost bone density, your jaw may not be strong enough to support dental implants. However, your oral surgeon may be able to perform a bone grafting procedure, that will enable you to receive these restorations.

“Whether you think YOU CAN, or think you CAN’T, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Your overall oral and physical health is another consideration in your candidacy for dental implants. Periodontal disease may limit your candidacy for treatment. Furthermore, an autoimmune disease, bleeding disorder, compromised immune system, or similar problem may disqualify you.

What to Expect When You Choose Dental Implants

After he has established your candidacy for implants, Dr. Fusco will refer you to an oral surgeon. This specialist will place one or more implant posts, depending on your needs and the size of your restoration. To guarantee your comfort, your practitioner will numb your gums and jawbone. Typically, he or she will also provide sedation. 

Your recovery will usually take between four and six months. As your bone tissue heals around the titanium posts, they will become stable fixtures in your mouth. When you have made a full recovery, Dr. Fusco can attach your dental crown, dental bridge, or full denture. Alternatively, he can often convert an existing denture, adding attachment pieces to connect it to dental implant posts.

In some cases, Dr. Fusco can collaborate with your surgeon to provide same-day dental implants. In these situations, you will come to our office immediately following your surgery. At that time, you will receive a temporary implant-supported restoration. Though designed for the short-term, it will still provide greater stability than a removable temporary prosthetic. In four to six months, you will receive your final custom-crafted teeth.

Dental implants are one of the most advanced and popular restorative dentistry treatments available today.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant-supported restorations are more secure than standard bridges or dentures. They will not affect your nearby teeth like a traditional dental crown. Because implants will not slip out of place, you can feel confident eating and speaking in public.

By replacing your missing teeth, dental implants may help you look many years younger and allow you to feel more confident. In turn, this could positively impact many aspects of your personal and professional life.

One of the most important advantages of dental implants is that they can help halt jawbone recession. Implants, like tooth roots, send regenerative signals to the jaw. These stimuli encourage bone growth and combat natural tissue recession. In this way, implants can prevent a weakened jaw, a sunken appearance, and future tooth loss.

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Joseph P. Fusco, DDS, MAGD

Joseph P. Fusco, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Joseph Fusco and his team of compassionate dental professionals offer the community of Long Island, NY, world-class dental care using the latest technology. Dr. Fusco is a member of several professional organizations, including:
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
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  • The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

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